Chatting With Anass Koudiss | Self-Identity | Working For Google | Languages | Being A Digital Nomad

Chatting With Anass Koudiss | Self-Identity | Working For Google | Languages | Being A Digital Nomad

January 8, 2019 0 By Abdulrahman Alkhamees

Chatting With Anass Koudiss | Self-Identity | Working For Google | Languages | Being A Digital Nomad
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Today I chat with Anass – a good friend that I got to know him back in 2016, Anass was born and raised in the Netherlands, originally from Morocco. He studied all over Europe, and the UK. I talk with him about Identity, languages, educations systems and working in software companies like Google & Atlassian.  Also, we got a bit into business & marketing,  and finally we talked about his experience being a digital nomad for 5 months. I personally got a lot from this conversation, I hope you will have the same.
If you have any feedback or comments, feel free to hit me up on twitter @akhmees . One more thing before you go. There are a few audio glitches that shouldn’t affect your experience. Enjoy the discussion

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Questions I asked Anass: (My notes – not refined)

  • You come from a very diverse background, what are the advantages & disadvantages for such a thing?
    • Did it give you a unique perspective on how you perceive life?
    • Down side of it?
    • Does it impact your identity? 
      • e.g: you feel lost – You may not be considered as a dutch or a Moroccan – you have mixed stuff from the both worlds
  •  know you speak multiple languages with different levels of proficiency, and I have a few questions related to that, let’s start with the first one
    • What languages you had to learn because of where you grow up / studied?
    • What languages you learned out of interest?
    • Hypothetically speaking, If you have to keep two languages – what those languages would be?
    • Did it change the way you were perceived?  Most importantly, in In two settings:
      • 1- In a day to day settings ( e.g: Because you spoke that language, you are treated differently – e.g- 
      • 2- In business settings ( Because you speak a specific language, you were able to connect, create a personal connection etc. )
  • While digging into your profile, I’ve noticed that you have studied in the Netherlands for undergrad and in the UK for the postgraduate …
    • Can talk briefly on the main differences between the two education systems?
    • If you go back in time
      • Would you change majors?
      • would you choose somewhere else?
  • Since you studied marketing in the postgrad and later on you joined the industry in Google and Atlassian :
    • Did you see a gap between what’s been taught and what the industry wants?
    • Business & Marketing as a taught subjects, there’s a debate on whether
      • A-Marketing & business people are suitable and can be plugged-in regardless of their expertise in the field – 
      • B-Engineers/product owners and you teach them business/marketing and they would be better fit –
      • What’s your take on that? Is this true for all companies, or it depends?  
  • Regarding the work environment Can you talk about the main differences by working in Atlassians vs working for Google? Mostly about the  size – how does it feel working for a company with 3000 employees vs 10’s of thousands of employees 
  • I always interested about the brand and how people react to your credentials in professional environment – so I guess my question, Do you feel  having Google on the resume opened doors for you?
  • Moving to my favorite topic, and it actually reminded me how we met 🙂 – at the end of July 2016 , you left an empty desk at a nice office in Amsterdam to work and travel around the world – AKA digital nomad 
    • How long it lasted?
    • Walks us a bit on the reason behind doing that?
    • What did you learn about yourself?
    • What your thoughts on the future of remote work?